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    Here is what our clients have to say about their Kolbe experience with us:

    With a team of more than 20 people responsible for driving revenue we have always had challenges finding the “right” people. That was until about 5 years ago, when we started using Kolbe. We discovered it wasn’t about finding the “right” people, it was about finding the “right fit” for each position within our team. For example, there is a very big difference in the way our administrative team and our sales team members work. Administrators need all the details, while our sales team members need just a skeleton of details to be successful. Since we have started using Kolbe we not only have a more cohesive team with better inter-department communication but we also have a more successful team with less turnover, less frustration and much higher productivity. For us Kolbe has been a “win” all the way around!

    Deborah Rossard, Executive Vice President, MoneyShow


    My staff and I have both enjoyed and benefited from the Kolbe Assessment.  It helped us to better integrate our talents and approach teamwork with a stronger sense of who we are and how our instincts drive us toward our eventual outcomes. Pam's professional facilitation was key to our buy-in and reinforcement of newly achieved levels of self-awareness.

    Ed McBride, Senior Vice President, Sarasota Family YMCA, Inc.


    In 2005 I graduated from college eager and ready for the next step.  I was offered a position at MoneyShow, however part of the training process was to take the Kolbe Index.  I was surprised and relieved when I reviewed my Kolbe results.  I thought I knew my strengths but the index uncovered my natural talents and areas that I could improve on. Pam Morris carefully and patiently reviewed my Kolbe index with me. The findings proved to be a powerful tool. The new learned knowledge about my natural instincts enabled me to become a better leader and team player.

    Megan Walin, Publisher of SpikeKey Beach Magazine, Professional Beach Volleyball Player


    Thanks to Kolbe and Instinct Matters, I have two teenagers that like being with me AND I like being with them. 10 years ago, Sherry Watts brought Kolbe into my parenting role at just the right time. I have a very strong willed daughter and a son that needs so much information that I constantly frustrated him. Once we knew our whole family's Kolbe's, we were better able to honor, respect, and meet each other's needs. We became a team playing to our strengths and encouraging each other's dreams. 9 years ago a storm blew a tree on top of our home with us under it and my kids were traumatized. Instinctively, I knew what my daughter needed as we moved to a temporary home, but my little boy was unable to sleep or begin Kindergarten. Even though counselors were involved, it was Pam and Sherry stepping in and coaching me based on his Kolbe's needs that literally turned the whole situation around in a matter of hours. He is now a very focused, successful 8th grader. I am a Life Coach and I make no major moves without consulting my primary Kolbe Consultant, Sherry. Kolbe is one of the best tools we have access to for compassionate living. Sherry and Pam bring Kolbe to life through wise intuition and a deep sense of love for people....all of us.I am a forever client."

     Connie Cruthirds, Certified Life Coach