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    What is the Kolbe System?

    Kathy Kolbe is the founder of Kolbe Corp and the leading authority on human instincts.  With over 500,000 case studies to validate her discoveries in the field of instinct and human behavior, she has pioneered a way to identify a person’s innate abilities.  These assessment tools are combined with the talents of certified consultants to bring effective coaching and results. Read more about Kathy Kolbe on

    How Does Kolbe Work?

    Kolbe Indexes are fun and easy to complete online in less than 20 minutes. Backed by more than 30 years of research and practical applications, they provide an amazingly accurate map of an individual's natural instincts, or modus operandi (MO). Index results are delivered dynamically online and are also available in a print version. Read more about the different assessments here.

    How Does Instinct Matters, Inc. Use the Kolbe Assessment Tools?

    Licensed by Kolbe Corp., Instinct Matters leverages over 30 years of research on how these natural in-born traits are the real source of our power. This research has proven that when people are free to act according to their own distinctive skills and capabilities they become much more productive with a lot less stress. The Kolbe A Index is the only index in the world that measures how you uniquely take action. These actions are separate from your feelings, preferences, knowledge and experience. Only Kolbe can jumpstart you to finally figuring out what makes YOU tick and give you the freedom you desire.

    Instinct Matters Inc. has developed a proprietary methodology that begins with a comprehensive review of individual, family, or organizational goals. Then administering the powerful Kolbe A Index , we uncover ideal pathways to improve synergy and communication. The IMI process nurtures the understanding of the true potential of each person. Next, we work with you to design your own success strategies which include a common language and culture for understanding and resolving natural conflicts. The end result? Reduction of stress, release of creative energy, increased productivity, mutual appreciation and respect for others, and most importantly a fresh new outlook on life.
    Instinct Matters Inc. invites you to discover our unique approach to human development and team-building. Learn why your instincts not only matter….they are truly a necessity to a successful life.